Product name:LXSG digital brass single jet hot sea water flow meter

classification:Single Jet Water Meter


Single-jet Super Dry Cold Water Meter:

•It is a turbine Single-jet Super dry water meter for residential application in sizes 15 and 20mm for cold meter.



•Magnetic drive, lower transmission resistance

•Magnetic shield, for external magnetic fied protection

•Sealed dry dial register ensures clear reading, cold energy water meter

•register can rotate more than 360° for easily reading in any position


Standard Compliance:

•Small sensus water meter is ISO 4064 Class B for horizontal Installation


Optional Feature:

•Several lengths and connections available on request

•Non return valve

•U.S.gallon(USG) for selectiong

•Can be equipped with read switch option


Working Conditions:

•Water temperature: ≤40°c

•Water pressure: ≤1.6MPa


Installation Requirement:

•The meter should be installed in horizontal position with the register face upwards

•Pipeline must be flushed before installation

•The meter should be constantly full of water during operation


Maximum Permissible Error:

•In the lower zone from Qmin inclusive up to but excluding Qt is ±5%

•In the upper zone from Qt inclusive up to and including Qmax is ±2%


Dimensions and weights:



Technical date:



The small size sample is free of charge!!!


Structure chart:


 Error and head loss curve:

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