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Product name:Wireless smart plastic water meter

classification:Smart Water Meter


Multifunctional smart residential rf card drinkable purified water meter with low price.



•The battery external installed, convenient for maintenance.

•PCB well covered for waterproof, meter can be used in humidity environment even under water.

•Large-capacity chip is used to reduce external circuit, high reliability and less failure becomes possible.

•High quality valve, reliability, long lifespan.

•Dual display, both in mechanical and LCD,more reliability.

•High-precision, high sensitivity, electric water meter plastic seal wire

Polymer alloy is used for meter housing. The alloy is high strength (understanding more than 3MPa) ,light and  no metal corrosion, pursuant to environmental protection requirement.

•Low consumption: Static working current is zero, the battery is long lifespan.

•Water meter made of metal housing is available if needed.


Smart functions:

•Auto-control: Closing and opening valve according to programmes.

Cryptographic security: Generating and identifying IC card password automatically, one card for one meter,    not interchangeable.

Anti-magnetic interfered: The valve closes automatically,when interfered by magnet, and opens by swieping    IC  card if interference is eliminated.

•Warning function:The valve closes automatically,when remaining balance is 2m3 (set according to user’  s

  requst),and opens by swieping IC card.

•Low power warning: When power is insufficient, LCD reminds you to replace of batteries.

•Closing valve if not replacing the battery in time after above reminding.

LCD: LCD displays used amount, remaining balance, valve status, power status, err. codes and other    information.

•Checking data: LCD no display normally, checking data by swieping IC card on the meter.

•Anti-plugging function: Self-cleaning valve by the program to keep valve in good condition.

•Data feedback: Date in water can feedback to managing system by card, convenient for management.

•Managing Cards: Checking card, transfer card are used for maintain operators.

One-card for multy meters: One card can manage eight kinds of meters, such as water meter, watt-hour  meter.



Working Conditions:

•Water temperature: ≤40°c

•Water pressure: ≤1.6MPa



Maximum Permissible Error:

•In the lower zone from Qmin inclusive up to but excluding Qt is ±5%

•In the upper zone from Qt inclusive up to and including Qmax is ±2%



Technical partments:

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