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Product name:Smart prepaid card water meter

classification:Smart Water Meter


This smart drinking water meter has prepaid function. With prepayment, user pay for an amount of water to management firstly, and management put water purchasing information into the IC card. After receives the information from IC card, the meter will open the valve with water automatically. During the using process, water meter microcomputer calculates water consumption automatically. When the water runs out, the meter will close the valve automatically, and user need to re-purchase water from management, then valve will be open again.




* Prepaid function, good quality ic card water meter 
* Both mechanical reading and electronic reading display
* Easy installation, stable performance, wide use
* Low power consumption and long using time



*Good water quality

*Working Temperature: T30

*Working Pressure: MAP 10




Zuoyuan made prepaid payment good quality ic card water meter


Error indicating: a) Low zone: ±5% from minimum flow rate to transitional flow rate
                        b) High zone: ±2% from transitional flow rate to overload flow rate



Battery: 3.6V lithium battery Standard: CJ/T133-2007



Dimension Parameters

Zuoyuan made prepaid payment good quality ic card water meter



Structure chart

Zuoyuan made prepaid payment good quality ic card water meter


Direction For Use
1. User should open an account and create a file in Management firstly and have to operate on the
specified water meter when use IC card at first time. If not, there may be some unnecessary losses.
2. Put IC card in meter's card brush area, then LCD screen will display the amount of remaining
water, purchase quantity, the total water consumption and open the valve at the same time.
3. Valve will close and LCD screen will display please recharge sign, when remaining water is less
than the alarm value set, User can make valve open again by brushing IC card, through which
water meter reminds user to recharge.
When remaining water is 0, valve will close and user need to re-purchase water from management
to open valve.
4. User can deal with card formalities in management if they lost card.



Installation Requirement
1. Required to clear sand and other sundry in the pipe, in cause of meter's jam fault.
2. Required to install horizontally, and the arrow on the meter shell must consistent with in the
direction of water flow.
3. Water meter must be installed in the environment, where is dry and convenient to remove and
install water meter. Special water meter box installation is recommended.
4. Valve must be installed before water meter.

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